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Our Story

Patrick and Courtney have been pursuing their physical therapy careers together since 2014 when they met in Boston. Since then, they have expanded their approach to physical therapy by including functional and holistic measures that address the entire person, not just an injury or symptom.

Courtney Edgecomb, PT, DPT

Courtney is passionate about treating women and men with chronic pelvic pain conditions, women with hormonal imbalances, prenatal and postpartum women, women with pelvic organ prolapse, and female athletes. She has years of experience in caring for those with pelvic health and orthopedic conditions. She enjoys helping others return to daily activities, exercise and athletics, and optimal pelvic health. Since Courtney has gained advantages from functional and integrative medicine while addressing her own health, she takes pride in providing an individualized and mindful approach while guiding others in wellness. She graduated from Northeastern University in 2017 with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, and furthered her education in pelvic health through various institutions including Herman and Wallace.

Patrick Edgecomb, PT, DPT, OCS

Patrick graduated from Quinnipiac University in 2010 with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. He later became a Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopedic Physical Therapy (OCS). He specializes in rehabilitation and optimizing human performance. He has previously worked as a contractor for the U.S. Air Force and with professional athletes. He has received his Certificate in Applied Functional Science from the Gray Institute. He has also worked in a variety of physical therapy clinics across the U.S.

Our Philosophy

The team at Physical Therapy Edge looks to bring everything necessary to optimize your function and performance. We utilize various methods with an emphasis on ancestral health practices, but also recognize that the most important step is to work with the individual’s specific needs. We have thousands of hours of patient care and health consultations that make us confident we can help you achieve your goals. We believe in being genuine and honest with clients to facilitate progress in a timely manner. To provide the most effective results, we also expect you to be genuine and honest with us regarding your treatment. We will work with you in-person or virtually in order to fit your needs. After the initial consultation where realistic goals will be discussed, we expect you to see significant changes in your progress over the first few treatment sessions.

We believe that every person should have access to quality health care without limitations. We are a cash-based practice and do not accept insurance as a result. If you are experiencing a financial hardship please contact us with any questions regarding fees or to discuss our pro bono options.

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