Pelvic Health

What does Pelvic health and wellness address?

We help you reduce pain, return to exercise, and feel confident moving forward – regardless if you are pregnant, had a baby (or a few), have period problems, or are a male with challenging symptoms.

  • Pregnancy and Birth Preparation
  • Postpartum Recovery and Return to Activity
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse
  • Diastasis Rectus Abdominis
  • Urinary or Fecal Incontinence
  • Bladder, Bowel, Sexual Activity Symptoms
  • Pain with Sexual Activity
  • Pelvic Pain, Back Pain, Hip Pain
  • Endometriosis, Interstitial Cystitis, Menstrual Pain
  • IBS, SIBO, Constipation
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pelvic floor dysfunction
pregnancy pain
postpartum recovery
Courtney Edgecomb, PT, DPT

Hi, I’m Courtney and I am a pelvic health physical therapist here to educate, inspire, and guide you on a path to overcoming your pelvic health concerns. I enjoy working with you one-on-one to listen to your needs, provide the best treatment program for you, and push you beyond your goals.

I graduated from Northeastern University in 2017 with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, began working in orthopedics, then specialized in pelvic health to empower those who often struggle to find the help they need. I get you off the treatment table and back into daily activity, active lifestyles, and sport (or other activity) of choice – all without the nagging symptoms.

Physical Therapy Evaluation

Meet one-on-one with a physical therapist to discuss your concerns, goals, and a plan of care. Discover the “whys” behind your problems. Leave with confidence to feel better!

Physical Therapy Follow Up Visit

Each visit after an evaluation will be a follow up. Meet with your physical therapist one-on-one to learn progressions and accomplish new potential. Each step is towards recovery and your goals.

Online Wellness & Training

For those who are unable to attend appointments in-person, we offer 30 or 60 minute online consultations to develop a treatment plan for you or tailor a training program to meet your needs.

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What our clients Are Saying

Seeing Courtney, and learning about pelvic floor physiotherapy, was the single best thing I did for my body, as well as my mental health, postpartum. Suffering from a broken tailbone, I had NO IDEA what a huge impact our sessions would have on my recovery. Courtney was not only immensely helpful, but also so impressively knowledgable. She recommended a very comprehensible recovery plan, which included exercises, other providers for pain relief, and timelines, and I am convinced that she was the single most helpful person throughout my journey (even moreso than my OB!) When I got pregnant with baby number 2, she was the first appointment I booked in order to prepare. I wouldn’t go through childbirth/postpartum without her! Can’t recommend highly enough!

Aleksandra Z.

Seeing Courtney, and learning about pelvic floor physiotherapy, was the single have predicted the help that Courtney gave me. Courtney walks you through everything that she does before she does it, so there is nothing that is unexpected during your sessions! She works with your comfort level, and if you’re not fully comfortable to do something, she never pushes and without hesitation says: “Ok, we’ll try something else”. She works to provide a positive experience during your sessions that makes you comfortable with and admire your body just how it is. Her practice, given the stretching exercises to do at home, breathwork, positive affirmations, and all the work done in our sessions was the reason I was able to finish physical therapy with an abundant sex life, finding a birth control that works for me, and my vaginismus is so much simpler to control. I cannot talk more highly about Courtney and her practice. Go to her for a safe, comfortable, sex-positive healing journey. 10 stars!


I had the pleasure of working with Courtney for a year and a half regarding my pelvic pain. I immediately was relieved to work with someone so knowledgeable and well trained. Pelvic pain for men is not well known, and she not only understood my symptoms and story, but knew a lot of the people I had worked with previously. She empathized with my problems/symptoms and gave me promising leads for the right care for my individual case. Most importantly, when we would hit a snag with persistent pain, she was the compass I needed to make those subtle adjustments to navigate through my pain. I made great strides with her and will forever be indebted to her dedication toward my path to being pain free. I feel better than I have in many years and Courtney is a huge reason why =)

Mike L.

I started physical therapy with Courtney to help with chronic pelvic pain and dysfunction. My doctor had highly recommended her. From the start, she made me feel comfortable and provided extraordinary care. Her knowledge of the body, expertise in her field, and years of experience all contributed to her being the best physical therapist I’ve ever worked with. Due to Courtney, I made significant progress in a short time period. She truly cared about me and my treatment and addressed many areas of my health, even beyond the initial scope of care. I couldn’t recommend Courtney more.

Liz B.

I worked with Courtney for a few months for pelvic floor/groin pain from pregnancy and childbirth. I was a year post partum, and rest and other methods of physical therapy were not working. Courtney developed a “return to running” program that was unique to my needs. Through manual therapy and exercises, she found a way to keep things feeling simultaneously safe for my body and slightly challenging to get stronger. Courtney is professional, easy to talk to, and very knowledgeable. I was skeptical about pelvic floor physical therapy, but I am so glad I worked with Courtney. I highly recommend her!

Caley M.