3 exercises for leaking, constipation, painful sex, and more!

The pelvic floor muscles can get out of a normal routine when symptoms like leaking, constipation, and pain arise. Using pelvic floor awareness practices, you can begin to turn those symptoms around!

What to expect from your first pelvic floor physical therapy visit

Let's break down the process of your first pelvic floor physical therapy visit - from the time you walk in, to the time you walk out - so you can feel more prepared and hopefully a little less nervous.

Male Pelvic Pain: Getting to the Root Cause

1 in 10 men will experience pelvic pain at some point, and lots of them will have trouble identifying the root cause.

Carbon Dioxide is Your Friend

Slow breathing in and out through the nose forces you to breathe correctly and tolerate a more normal balance between oxygen and CO2 in your body.  If you wake up from a night of sleep exhausted with a dry mouth, have been told that you snore, or sleep with your mouth open then you can be confident that this is affecting your ability to utilize oxygen and allow tissues to recover.  

Why you should learn how to squat.

Gradually exposing your tissues to this problem will ensure you get more comfortable with it and your tissues actually get stronger as long as you choose the correct dose of tissue load. 

What is Blood Flow Restriction Training?

BFR can be performed with classic strength training exercises, compound exercises (squats, pushups) simple exercises (leg extensions, bicep curls) or even with steady state exercises (walking, biking, rowing, etc.).