Postpartum Recovery Does Not Stop at 6 Weeks

What does postpartum recovery look like? The many changes that happen over 9+ month of carrying baby lead to 9+ months of healing and rehab. It isn't as simple as "getting back" to everything after 6 weeks.

Podcast Alert! Courtney talks Pelvic Floor PT with The Onas Collaborative

Our physical therapist Courtney had the pleasure of speaking with Arin from The Onas Collaborative about pelvic floor physical therapy and maternal care.

The Truth about Leaking with Sneezing, Running, Jumping, and More

Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is the formal name for leaking urine while sneezing, laughing, running, etc. Here is the good news, you CAN do something about this to keep your pants dry and boost your confidence.