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Postpartum Recovery Does Not Stop at 6 Weeks

What does postpartum recovery look like? The many changes that happen over 9+ month of carrying baby lead to 9+ months of healing and rehab. It isn’t as simple as “getting back” to everything after 6 weeks.

Prepare for Birth with Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Pelvic floor physical therapists can address so much when it comes to pregnancy and birth prep. Learning effective positions and pushing, evaluating your posture, establishing an exercise routine, improving muscle strength, and empowering your partner can make a tremendous difference for your pregnancy and childbirth.

Carbon Dioxide is Your Friend

Slow breathing in and out through the nose forces you to breathe correctly and tolerate a more normal balance between oxygen and CO2 in your body.  If you wake up from a night of sleep exhausted with a dry mouth, have been told that you snore, or sleep with your mouth open then you can be confident that this is affecting your ability to utilize oxygen and allow tissues to recover.  


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