9 reasons to book a virtual appointment

Mar 4, 2022

1. No worries over commuting

All you have to do is log on via your phone or computer, and turn off the mute button. You don’t have to fuss with getting in the car, hitting any traffic, or finding a parking spot (even though we have plenty of parking). Leave all of your stuff, and yourself, at home while we meet over video chat during your appointment. It’s that simple, you can even get it done during your lunch break or while the kids or napping. 

2. Stress-free planning

If your childcare fell through at the last minute, someone isn’t feeling well, or COVID exposures have you scrambling to figure out the next step, virtual visits take all of that pressure away. Don’t stress about coming into the clinic, just call us instead to let us know that you’d like to switch to a virtual visit. When you get on the video chat, your little ones are welcome to stick around – we can even involve them in your session. Then we will carry on as normal, and you’ll feel better that you made yourself a priority for the day.

3. Workout at home with ease

Instead of using all of the equipment in the clinic, we will make use of the equipment (…or furniture and household items) you have. So many clients find this helpful to know exactly how and where at home to do each particular exercise in the home program. Instead of spending 5-10 minutes on your own figuring out the set up, we get to troubleshoot together through video. Problem solved.

4. Show me exactly what you need help with

On top of troubleshooting exercises, we also spend plenty of time troubleshooting your regular daily activities. Having trouble finding the right sleeping position? Getting back pain while washing the dishes? Struggling to lift and carry all of the awkward carriers, strollers, and other clunky items? Well, you can set your camera up in your bedroom, kitchen, garage…wherever, so we can guide you in how to do (fill in the blank activity) in ways that it doesn’t bother you. 

5. Set up your workstation for success

With so many of us working from home these days (or heck even sitting down to take care of bills, scheduling, etc), our “home office” setups are more important than ever. Place your camera with a view of your work station, and let’s discuss ways we might modify it to meet your needs. It doesn’t mean you have to buy crazy expensive standing desks and ergonomic chairs, but a few tweaks can make a big difference. This is a good chance to also cover how movement breaks, mindfulness practices, and breathing reminders can be incorporated into your workflow for less stress and symptoms by the end of the day.

6. Education, education, education

Think of virtual sessions as quality time to get all of your questions answered and dive deep into the WHY behind it all. Not that we don’t do this during an office visit, but there is something about the video chat that brings out the teacher in a physical therapist. And these are some of the most important sessions because understanding what you are going through and gaining confidence with the tools to manage it and meet your goals is incredibly empowering to move forward.

7. Fine tune your home program

Hopefully your therapist hasn’t bombarded you with a list of exercises, self-massage instructions, meditation suggestions, etc. But let’s be honest, sometimes it happens and it gets a bit overwhelming. Let’s take a session to narrow down the most important items on the list and form a realistic plan to accomplish them. Going back to #3, we’ll make sure you know exactly how to set them up too.

8. Stay in your sweats

This one is pretty self explanatory, but doesn’t everyone love to stay in their sweats? And hey, you are more than welcome to come to the clinic in your sweats any time! 

9. Get the best of both worlds

Maybe you’ve gathered this from #1-8 but at Regenerative Edge Physical Therapy, we value the flexibility of virtual visits. For that reason, we see many of our clients through a hybrid of clinic and virtual sessions. Feel free to switch back and forth, or use virtual visits in situational cases, or see us for all of your visits virtually! We are happy to work with you in a way that best fits your needs and goals.


Have you found another benefit from virtual care? We would love to hear from you! Leave us a comment or send us a message. And we look forward to seeing you during your next session (in the clinic or virtually)!


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